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Hello from Mrs Baker

Homemade VE Day flag and bunting

Back at the beginning of May, I decided to make my own VE Day decorations to put up outside my house. This video shows you what I used and how I made it all. I know it was a few weeks back now but I thought you might enjoy it.

WC 18.05 Video to match your science activity set

Mr Stink Chapter 26

The final chapter. I hope you have enjoyed listening to this story as much as I have enjoyed reading it!

Mr Stink Chapter 25

Mr Stick Chapter 24

Mr Stink Chapter 23

Mr Stink Chapter 22

Mr Stink Chapter 21

Mr Stink Chapter 20

Mr Stink Chapter 19

Mr Stink Chapter 18

Mr Stink Chapter 17

Mr Stink Chapter 16

Mr Stink Chapter 15

Mr Stink Chapter 14

Sorry, I uploaded Chapter 13 again instead of 14 yesterday!

Mr Stink Chapter 13

Mr Stink Chapter 12

Mr Stink Chapter 11


Mr Stink Chapter 10

Mr Stink Chapter 9

Mr Stink Chapter 8

Mrs Stink Chapter 7

Mr Stink Chapter 6

Mr Stink Chapter 5

More adventures with Mr Stink, Chloe, and her family.

Mr Stink Chapter 4

Mr Stink - Chapter 3

Mr Stink Chapter 2

Some more of Mr Stink - read to you by Mrs Baker - for our topic on David Walliams. Enjoy! Keep reading at home and have a lovely weekend.

Mr Stink Chapter 1

Hello children, I am going to (hopefully!) read Mr Stink to you and upload it on here, one chapter at a time. I have had a lot of tech problems, so I apologise if it doesn't work out that way! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this David Walliams book which I am reading for our topic on David Walliams this term. Stay safe and happy Mrs Baker

Some arts and crafts with Mrs Kenton

Stacey superstar

From ‘World’s worst children 2’

An extract from ‘World’s worst children 2’

Here is the tale of Harry, who never did any homework!

5HA’s class novel- Part 6

Which house will Harry be placed in?

Hello from Mrs Kenton

Hello from Mrs Brooks 28.04

5HA’s class novel - part 5

Chapter 7 - The Sorting Hat

Dribbling Drew from 'The World's Worst Children'

Our next instalment of 5HA’s class novel - part 4

Page 110-120, Harry arriving at Hogwarts for the first time!

Part 3 of 5HA’s class novel

5HA class story - part two

HP and the Philosopher’s Stone pg90 - 100, enjoy!

A little of 5HA’s class story pg 78 - pg 90

Hi all, here is the next bit of our class story - Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone! See if you can spot my rabbits running around in the garden behind me!